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The Danish Government has made it a major priority to fight counterfeiting and piracy, which have damaging effects on consumers, companies and society as a whole.

Counterfeit medicines or pirated children’s toys often constitute an actual health and security risk for consumers. Counterfeiting is often carried out by organized criminal gangs and proceeds from counterfeiting can finance other criminal activities. Furthermore industry and the Danish economy suffer from infringements of IPR that has increasing economic importance.

The current Danish anti-counterfeiting strategy is outlined in the 2008-report from an interdepartmental committee that was set up by the Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs.
See the English summary of the report.

The strategy underlines the importance of strong criminal sanctions for counterfeiting and piracy.  Police and prosecution can use all available tools in the investigation of counterfeiting and piracy and the maximum penalty for infringements of Intellectual Property Rights is now 6 years imprisonment.

In the strategy, strong cooperation between authorities working with anti-counterfeiting is also emphasized. This work is placed in The Permanent Interdepartmental Network. One of the tasks of the network is running of a national awareness raising anti-counterfeiting website ( with targeted information to consumers, companies and authorities. The secretariat of the network and the website is placed within Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

As part of the strategy, Denmark supports international work against counterfeiting and piracy, e.g. negotiations of an international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA) and establishment of an EU observatory on counterfeiting.