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World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is dedicated to developing a balanced and accessible international intellectual property system. WIPO was established in 1967. There are approximately 180 member states. WIPO's headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland.

WIPO's strategic direction and activities are determined by its member states. The member state's representatives meet in assemblies, committees and working groups. The WIPO Secretariat coordinates formal and informal meetings of the member state bodies throughout the year.

Selected currently important discussions


The PCT Working Group

The PCT Working Group was established by the PCT Assembly at its 36th session.

The purpose of the working group is to do prepatory work for matters which require submission to the yearly PCT Assembly for decision and/or discussion. The work of the group concern proposals for amendment of the PCT regulations, proposals for modifying the international patent system and other matters of interest to users, patent offices and the PCT Assembly.  

The working group usually convenes once a year at WIPO’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Denmark has participated actively in the working group since its establishment, as Danish applicants are among the largest users of the PCT system. Further, Denmark has been chairing the PCT Assembly on several occations.  

Legal Working Group on the Madrid System

The working group is working towards a unification of the systems under the Madrid agreement and the Madrid protocol respectively. The aim is to have one system only, namely the Protocol system. We strongly support the efforts made to harmonize the Madrid system. We believe that a simplification of the system will be of vital interest to the users on a global scale.

Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SPC)

The committee was originally established to harmonize the patent law in WIPO's member states. Harmonization of the formality requirements for patent applications was achieved through the Patent Law Treaty. However, harmonization of the substantial patent requirements has been more difficult to achieve. The committee's meetings were suspended for some years due to lack of practical progress, but were resumed in June 2008. The current discussions in the SCP are based on various studies on agreed topics.


Denmark has participated actively in the SCP since its establishment, and plays a leading role in the efforts of substantial patent law harmonization e.g. through it’s chairmanship in the B+ Working Group. Read more about the B+ Working Group.



If you have any questions to this text or to our work at WIPO in general, you are welcome to contact us. If your question concerns patents, please contact either Flemming Konig Mejl or Thomas Duholm. If your question concerns trademarks or designs, please contact Astrid Lindberg Nors.