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Turning ideas into assets

National IP Policy

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Denmark must have a strong competitiveness in order to continuously be among the wealthiest countries worldwide. The Danish Patent and Trademark Office works to improve framework conditions for companies’ usage of IP Rights (IPR) as part of reaching a strong competitiveness.

The possibility for protecting knowledge is often an important prerequisite for many companies’ research, development and innovation. But today it is important for companies to not just protect their own knowledge. Companies’ growth and innovation also depends on how they use their own and others’ IPR, e.g. through trade with knowledge.

We continuously gather data in order to improve our knowledge on companies’ usage of IP and IPR and the type of challenges companies encounter when they try to exploit their IPR. We are also in daily contact with companies through our legal hotline where we answer questions on IP law.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is also in continously dialogue with Danish companies and IPR advisors regarding new legislative initiatives. We discuss particular topics of current interest with the IPR industry in the IP Dialogue-forum which the DKPTO is hosting. The knowledge we gain from theses dialogues is converted into concrete political initiatives. The aim is to create the best framework conditions for the companies' exploitation of their IPR, be innovative and create growth.

The means are e.g. legislation and specific initiatives.