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Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy

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This is the homepage for The Permanent Danish Network Against Counterfeiting and Piracy.

Counterfeiting is no longer just about knock-offs of luxury brand clothes or bags. Counterfeiting has evolved into the copying of all sorts of products
Information for Consumers


Many companies experience the consequences of counterfeiting. Companies may experience that their products are copied. And they may also experience being offered counterfeits.
Information for Businesses

Counterfeit goods can be dangerous to the health of consumers and dangerous in other ways. Counterfeiting supports organized crime.
In a number of reports and initiatives governments and international organizations have described the challenges of counterfeiting and piracy and a number and solutions to deal with these.
Information for Authorities

Who participates in The Permanent Danish Network Against Counterfeiting and Piracy?

Danish Patent- and Trademark Office, Danish Customs Task Force Counterfeiting, Danish Ministry of Culture, Danish National Police, Danish Medicines Agency, Danish Safety Technology Authority, National Consumer Agency, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.