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IPR Spring Meeting 2011

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IPR Spring meeting 2011 - Thursday 26 May

The foundation of our way of life is under pressure from the outside and from within. Consequently Europe must seek other ways of creating wealth.

More than ever the role of innovation is strongly emphasised as a key element to attaining European competitiveness and growth. IPR features prominently as a core component in building the framework conditions necessary to meet these ambitions.

At the same time the European IPR system and infrastructure is faced with a number of strategic and operational challenges. The need to reform and build on the existing IPR regime is rightly recognised as a priority for immediate action. This entails a critical review of how we operate. Both from outside the EU and from within we see evidence that there are other – and better – ways of managing our IPR-system.

The Question is what to do?

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Agenda of the day:

  • Welcome and introduction to the agenda - Mette Vibe Utzon  

  • Mr. Lars Holm Nielsen, Chieg Legal Adviser, Policy and Legal Affairs, DKPTO

    Will review the EU Commission's bullet points on how an IPR agenda fit for the present and the future best can be developed in order to help Europe to regain the competitive edge.

    See presentation from Lars Holm (in Danish) (PDF)

  • Ms. Lise Abildgaard Ryberg, vice president, Corporate Patents & Trademarks, H. Lundbeck A/S

    The industry perspective: How does a large enterprise make strategic use of IP?

    See presentation from Lise Abildgaard Ryberg (in English) (PDF)

  • Mr. Jesper Kongstad, CEO, DKPTO

    Will present the view of the DKPTO on chal-lenges facing the IPR system and give his views on why we need to change our way of operating as a matter of priority.

    See presentation from Jesper Kongstad (in English) (PDF)

  • Ms. Marie Just Mikkelsen, director Bioprocessing & IP, Biogasol ApS 

    The SME perspective on IP? What are the main IP challenges. How does IP contribute to growth? What modifications to the IP-framework would be of particular benefit to SME's and fast-growing enterprises.

    See presentation from Marie Just Mikkelsen (in English) (PDF)

  • Mr. Kim Haggren, Director of Legal Affairs, Federation of Danish Industry

    How can organisations like DI best support industry in utilization of IP in their strategic and daily operation? In what ways can industry benefit from the forthcoming global, Euro-pean and national policy initiatives?

    See presentation fra Kim Haggren (in English) (PDF)

  • Ms. Margot Fröhlinger, Director, European Commission

    The EU Commission's political approach to the IPR agenda.

  • Panel debate, wrap up and networking

    Panel debate, where the audience were invited to comment and ask questions to the presentations. We like to establish a focused discussion based on the three presentations with an output relevant for private companies and consultancies, succeed by wrap up by Mr. Jesper Kongstad and following Buffet and network.

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