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Bill passed at parliament

Simplification of publication fees and easier validation of European patents from 1st April 2015 

On 24th March 2015, the national parliament of Denmark passed a law that brings administrative simplifications for the users of the patent system. These changes apply to the rules of the patent law concerning validation of European patents in Denmark and the fees applied to the publication of patent documents. 

Validation of European patents in Denmark
The requirements for validation of European patents in Denmark are simplified in cases where the European patents have been granted in English. Today, the patent holder must file both a description, with possible drawings, from the European patent document as well as a translation of the patent claims into Danish within the validation time limit of 3 months. In the future, the patent holder must only hand in a translation into Danish of the patent claims within the validation time limit.   The amendment is based on a request from the users of the patent system. In the future, we will retrieve the description in English, as well as any drawings etc., from the European Patent Office.   

Publication Fees
Due to increased digitization, the publication fee for both national and European patent documents will be altered. Today, these fees consist of a basic fee and an additional fee depending on the number of pages in the patent document.  In the future, there will be only one fee for publication of both types of patent documents, and this fee will not be dependent on the size of the patent document. The fee has been fixed at 2,000 Danish kroner. 

The amendment will be effective from 1st April 2015. This means that the changes regarding validation and publication of European patents apply to material handed in from 1st April 2015. The new fees for publication of national patent documents apply to fees collected from 1st April 2015.  

Payment options in relation to validation of European patents
As per 1st April 2015, it is possible to pay the fees in relation to validation either by credit card or through the accounting system. If you have questions about the changes, please contact our Customer Service Department at phone number +45 43508301.